Our Beliefs

Why does Faith exist?

We exist to glorify God, by honoring the truth of the Bible through spreading the Gospel and building Christian community.

What is our message?

Jesus Christ is King and true life is found only in Him.

Vision for Faith: 

FBC strives to be a church that encourages people to be faithful disciples of Jesus. Guiding them to follow Him with all their heart, soul, and mind; and by developing in them Christian character which leads us to walk faithfully with one another on the mountain tops and in the valleys of life.  

The 3 Focal points of Faith:

  1. Love God:
  2. Love Others:
  3. Serve in the Kingdom:

The Elders and leaders of Faith focus on:

  1. Guiding people to Love God:
  2. Guiding people to Love Others:
  3. Guiding people to serve in the Kingdom:

These focal points are accomplished through our Discipleship process.

Faith’s Discipleship process:

Faith seeks to provide space for people to:

  1. Explore Christ:
  2. Grow in Christ:
  3. Serve in the Body of Christ:
  4. Multiply Christ Followers: