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…and leadership is nurtured and encouraged.

Men's Ministry

For more information on our current Men’s study, fellowship dinners and serving opportunities; please contact our Men’s Ministry Director:


Contact: Mike Zompa –


Together our men’s ministry takes on the responsibility of overseeing one of the most understated, but vital ministries in our church. They serve both our visitors and members well!

Contact: Rex Stone –


Provide an environment in which men can grow spiritually to be Christ-like leaders in home, church and community by nurturing men into a loving relationship with God’s son, Jesus Christ, and to aid them to learn how to be the spiritual heads of their families.

To be a witness at home, church, workplace and our community we serve through….

  • Special Projects in our town
  • Mission Trips & events
  • Meeting special needs of families
  • Sharing our faith in the marketplace of life

Maturing in Christ means intentionally studying God’s Word personally and together to improve our understanding of how to attain spiritual disciplines that will sustain us, be spiritual leaders of our families, be sound stewards and build moral boundaries through…

  • Discipleship courses

In order for men to find spiritual enrichment and grow in maturity, we provide….

  • Discipleship/Mentoring
  • Accountability partners
  • Prayer teams
  • Social events
  • Sports events

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