Worship Glorifying God

Experience music and visual arts…

…that encourages true Biblical worship.



Many don’t think about technical work that goes into creating the best possible worship experience. This ministry may not be seen, but it’s a true labor of love.

Praise Team

Are you one that loves to worship God through singing and/or playing an instrument? Being part of our praise team is a high calling we’d love to hear from you.

Music Focused on Kingdom Glory

by Faith Baptist Church Praise Team | Contemporary & Traditional

The Worship and Arts Ministry focuses on the musical and visual aspect of our services. It consists of many members who offer vocal, instrumental and technical talents to bring a lovely offering of praise, worship and adoration to the Lord. Members of Worship and Arts also assist in leading worship for special events and in other churches as needed.

It is our Lord God who is the focus of our worship. He is to be glorified and honored in all we do. It is the desire of this ministry to encourage and assist the body of Christ to bring to the Lord the worship he deserves, not only through music, but to carry it through our daily lives.

Ministry opportunities

  • Worship Team
  • Worship Planning Committee
  • Sound, Video and Media

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