New Visitors

We would love to have you!

What do I need to know about my first visit to Faith Baptist?

What do I need to know about my first visit to Faith Baptist?

Where to Park & Enter

The church has parking all around the building, however the lot is one way. You will need to enter on the right side of the church sign in front and drive around to park anywhere you like. Entrances at the north side and western rear are on the same level as the main worship center and small group rooms. There are specially marked VISITOR parking spots at the front of the building where you can enter at the lower level where the preschool and children classrooms are located. There is a staircase at the front that goes to our main foyer and where you can access the worship center.

What is the worship like?

Worship begins at 11:00 am on Sunday. Our worship style is primarily contemporary, yet we often blend newer praise songs with older hymns. We have piano and band instruments that accompany along with vocal teams that lead. The words to the music are projected on two screens to each side of the altar. We are less liturgical than older Christian denominations, yet we do follow an order of service that will be easy to follow in the bulletin that you will receive.

What are the Messages or Sermons Like?

Messages at Faith Baptist are from the Bible and presented in a way that is relevant to everyday life. We believe the Bible is a very important spiritual guidebook from God—and we believe making its message applicable and exciting is very important. The Bible was not written to become a dusty old history book, it is God’s living Word. It comes alive when we apply it to our everyday lives. We encourage people to take notes and even have outlines projected on the screen and printed in our bulletin so listeners can mark down what is meaningful to them.

Handicap Accessibility

Our building and restrooms are handicap accessible and we have places for wheel chairs in our worship center if needed located on the right front side facing the main platform. The best handicap entrance for the main floor & worship center is the double doors at the rear of the building.

Offering - No Obligation To Give

Guests are not expected to give anything when the offering is received in the worship service. Our church family members are committed to give back to God from all He has given us so that we can serve others and do ministry in the community. We want our guests to know that they are never pressured to give at FBC so they can relax and allow God to encourage them through the worship experience.


All children are always welcome at Faith! We have workers who are ready to give your children the special care and attention they need in a safe and quality environment. Currently we have care for them during the 9:30 am small groups time and the 11:00 am worship. The preschool can be found on the lower level.

Small Groups

We have small groups that anyone is welcome to attend. Groups begin at 9:30 am. They are for enrichment, care and Bible study.